Additional Coaches:

Nick Danza- Boat Mechanic

Christian Barbosa- SUNY New Paltz

​Laura Martin- Teacher Aid at Monroe Woodbury HS

Lindsey Nun- SUNY New Paltz

​Jacob Lansing- SUNY Albany

Monday's Thursdays's, Friday's 

    6:30 P.M through 7:30 P.M

NRC Late Fall Program 2018

Competitive Team Practice


Contact Information:



PO Box 227 Newburgh, N.Y. 12551

 Monday's, Friday's

 6:30 P.M- 7:30 P.M

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Board of Directors:
Edward Kennedy

Club President

Leif Stepakoff

Board Chairman

Chuck Thomas

Club Secretary

Debbie Tamas

Club Treasurer​ 

List of Certified US Rowing Coaches:
Sean Kelleher- Boston College
Kerry Kennedy- SUNY Newpaltz and Albany
John Kennedy- SUNY New Paltz 
Kathy Mills- Master's Coach
Julie Lobiondo- Diversity Director
Leif Stepakoff​ - University of Chicago​


Open Evening Erg Row to Music

​Newburgh Rowing Club (NRC) Coaching Staff: 

Ed Kennedy - Head Coach and Programs Director, Certified physical education instructor, and school administrator, 35 years of lifegaurding experience and coaching in 9 sports. 

Late Fall Registration 

  • Competitive Team and Developmental Team begins November 9 through December 14
  • Wednesday Evening Urg to Music Begins November 8
  • Sunday Afternoon Urg to Music Begins November 19 and ends December 9
  • No Practice November 23rd
  • No Sunday Erg Row to Music November 25


1 P.M through 2 P.M

Developmental Team Practice

Newburgh Rowing Club
Bringing Aquatic sports to all.

Pirates of the Hudson valley

NRC offers scholarships to home schooled students and students from the following school districts:





Hudson Valley Private Schools

Valley Central

Monroe Woodbury

Currently Enrolled College Students

Residents of Newburgh

*You must contact Coach Kennedy for Scholarship Information

Open Afternoon Row to Music



 7 P.M through 8 P.M

Junior Coaches:

Isabella Kavallaris- John F Kennedy High School

​Citlaly Garcia- Our Lady of Lourdes High School

Karla Gunera- Our Lady of Lourdes High School